Should any of the "quotable quotes" below sound like/read like any other quotes written or un, similarity is purely coincidental. To the best of my knowledge, the quotes below are all original, all coined by me.  The list will be updated as new ones come to mind.  Should anyone wish to use it/share it, all you need to do is ask.  And all I ask in return is that you link my name or blog to it. 
  1. Sometimes, anger is just fear disguised.
  2. Unconditional love is a choice, that's why it's special.
  3. Age, other than social status, has a way of making one feel "entitled".
  4. Sometimes it's what you don't say that makes the difference.
  5. Instead of anger, compassion. And faith that, in the end, we all get what we deserve.
  6. Charity is knowing that you're being wronged and you let it slide. But only because you genuinely feel sorry for the other person. After all, he is the one who has to live with the dastardly act.
  7. Any commitment is more discipline than passion, more will than love
  8. Forgiveness is not given because a person deserves it.  It is given because there is a person with a big enough heart to give it. 
  9. People should not expect from others things they can not or will not give themselves.