Sunday, September 12

What's With Zodiac Signs?

I first became interested in zodiac signs in high school. That was when I saw a classmate with a zodiac book in hand. I asked her what the book was about and she said that the book described a person based on the person’s birthday. And she proceeded to show me how to read the book. Being in high school (and, mind you, this was eons ago), I had no concept whatsoever of what “personality traits” are.(   But by lunch time, I was reading “about me”.

"Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and is represented by the scales. Libra is the only sign that is not represented by a human or animal, but the scales signify the Libra's need for balance, order, and equality … Libras are very easy to like because of their charming ways. They are capable of making anyone feel interesting and important. They are great listeners, but they also expect you to listen to them in return. They have great observation skills and very good perception. They strive to bond with others and Libras are at their best when in personal relationships."   (

"For the Libran falling in love comes naturally, as their fundamental instinct is to have a happy and enduring relationship. To the Libran life without love makes it hard for them to operate, they long for the feeling of being loved. At times the Libran may become confused thinking that they have found love, when in turn it may only be infatuation. Some Librans prefer to endure a bad and unfulfilling relationship rather than setting out on their own, as they are not good loners."  (

Two years later, I was delighted to learn that zodiac signs came in two’s – twins called East and West. Libra from the West had a twin called Dragon from the East:  "Unlike the Western or Indian zodiacs, the Chinese zodiac signs are not derived from constellations, and are not assigned to sections of the ecliptic. Instead, Chinese astrological signs operate on cycles of years, lunar months ... Nevertheless some researches says that there is obvious relationship between Chinese 12-year cycle and zodiac constellations: each year of the cycle corresponds to the certain disposal of Jupiter."   (

The East describes me as: a “… free spirit of the zodiac (sic). Conformation is a Dragon's curse … Dragons must be free and uninhibited. The Dragon is a beautiful creature, colorful and flamboyant. An extroverted bundle of energy, gifted and utterly irrepressible, everything Dragons do is on a grand scale - big ideas, ornate gestures, extreme ambitions. However, this behavior is natural and isn't meant for show. Because they are confident, fearless in the face of challenge, they are almost inevitably successful … However, Dragon people beware of their natures. Too much enthusiasm can leave them tired and unfulfilled. Even though they are willing to aid when necessary, their pride can often impede them from accepting the same kind of help from others. Dragons' generous personalities give them the ability to attract friends, but they can be rather solitary people at heart ....."   ( 

Do I actually believe in all these? No. That is, not hook, line and sinker. I believe that “Life is what you make it.” I believe that awareness is key and that knowledge is power. If knowing who we are is crucial to our search for happiness and success, then what do we have to lose in reading up on the zodiac? Why do you think John Gray's "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" (published in May 1992) became a national bestseller?  

The book series Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus has sold over 50 million books worldwide. It was on The New York Times Bestseller List for nearly seven years and is #6 on USA Today’s list of the 25 Most Influential Books.



JodieeHeartzYou said...

I'm a Libra hehe, so thanks for posting this. xD I really like your blog, I can't believe you only have one follower. O_O seeing as the content is interesting lolz.
(well now two followers)

SAM said...

Thanks for the kind words and deed (of becoming a follower ... hihihi), Jodie! This blog started out as a "personal and private" journal. A way for me to blow steam. I then posted my blog in, where I originally vented out. Torchic saw my post and, like you, kindly responded in public. There are others, and I'm sure you have them too, who are following privately. It is a nice feeling knowing that there are people out there who actually read and, thus, essentially share our experiences. But, like much everything else, even our blogfriends will come and go as we go pursue different interests.

Anyhow, this has and will remain to be an anonymous blog for reasons you will know later (if you've not found out yet) :-D I trust that the Libra in you will see the forest more than the trees. And if you pursue your dream of becoming a novel writer, I promise to give you the rights to my story ;-)

JodieeHeartzYou said...

:D Lolz