Wednesday, September 29

My Measures of Success

I don't know why, but I had the sudden urge to jot this down. Could I be backsliding and needed the reminder?

1. Success is being able to control and overcome my so-called animal instincts: lust, greed, dominance, anger, vindictiveness.

2. Success is knowing what I want and not settling for anything else.

3. Success is knowing what truly matters.

4. Success is not hinging on anything or anybody else to make myself feel whole.

5. Success is being able to look back and honestly say to myself: "I did my darnest best to do what was good and right."

6. Success is knowing that I make mistakes; that I do tumble and fall.

7. Success is knowing when to stop and prevent myself from making and falling over the same mistake over and over again.

8. Success is picking myself up after every fall.

9. Success is being able to say: "I didn't take advantage of anything or anyone to be who I am, to get where I am, to have what I have."

These are it, so far.  WHAT ARE YOUR MEASURES OF SUCCESS? 

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Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

I love "success is knowing what truly matters". That is succinct and brilliant!

I have learned a ton n the last couple of years, many of it basic life skills that I have learned the long painful stupid way. But I learned stuff, have lots more to learn, and am still here. Ha!

Love this post!

SAM said...

Thanks much, Brahm!