Wednesday, October 20

Panic Time!

Stupid, stupid me told my EX that I started a blog.  Teasing?  Probably.  But I was so confident that she, no one I know in fact, will ever find my blog.  That is, until last Sunday.

I had this feeling that my EX was already in search of and that was dangerously near to finding my blog.  I’ve done a google search before and my blogspot user name or my google buzz name did not appear.  Then, from nowhere, I thought of typing my gmail name.  And, to my horror, all blogger buzz entries with my gmail name showed!  Worse, if one clicks on it, it goes to my profile and my blog’s link!

Pitter patter, pitter patter rising to a crescendo of THROB! THROB! THROB!

I nervously posted questions in the help forums asking why my gmail name showed and, more importantly, I how do I correct this.

Sunday.  Monday.  Even Tuesday was drawing to an uneventful close when I heard my gmail alert.  At exactly 11:30 pm EDT, somebody was visiting my blog.  Can it be?  I logged in StatCounter and my heart leaped out of my mouth.  Oh no!!!  My EX is reading my blog!

It was a battle of nerves.  What to do?  What to do?  Do I erase the posts I wrote on her/us?  Or do I leave them there?

I BBMed her to let her know that I know she’s lurking.  And guess what?  She logged out!  Well, what do you know?  And now, we’re both playing innocent.  As if she didn’t see my blog.  As if I believe her

I wonder what will happen next … between me and my EX … this blog?  What will become of my blog?  Think, think, think.  I guess this is a “To Be Continued”…


Torchic Maniac said...

Moral of the story: Don't tell others about your blog (especially those you don't want to read it). Those who really want to read it will eventually find it. Finding my blog is actually pretty simple if people know my username because it shows up on Google.

Note that there is an option to keep the blog from showing up on Google search. You can also restrict readers by choose who you want to read it. It really depends on how personal you want it to make (or you can just rename your blog to throw your EX off guard).

SAM said...

Put me in handcuffs and arrest me, Torchic! Guilty as charged! I will change settings (and whatever else) once the other glitche I wrote to the help forum about is fixed. In the meantime, I will take my EX's word for it that she will respect my "privacy". Stupid, stupid me!

Daniel Jason Binks said...

I love this post.

SAM said...

Thanks, Daniel. Hope your trip went well.

Jenniflower said...

hehe such a touching and funny post.

I had to check out your blog after your lovely post on my re my WLS journey. Thank you so much!

Now... have you changed those settings yet????? LOL

SAM said...

Thanks for checking my blog out, Jenniflower, And, no, didn't change settings yet ... hihihihihi.

Better Man said...

It is a terrible feeling when you have written something about someone and then you start to worry if they will read it. Just maybe if she did read it, it may show her how you are feeling, maybe?

SAM said...

Hey BM. Honestly, a part of me wants my EX to read my posts about her. Thing is, I think it is for the wrong and selfish reason. I panicked when I realized this. I think she read "indirect" posts and already she's bombed out. Which reinforces my fear that she's not ready. For amidst that very strong, dignified, and proud front, she's really very sensitive.

Hey, Daniel. Where's your "follow botton"? Was I seeing wrong or are you back posting? Didn't see you in my feeder and it is only now that I realized why.