Sunday, October 24

My Escape

The past week had been "bothersome" (to say the least) for me.

First, there’s that epic panic attack I brought upon myself for the (bleep!) decision to tell my EX that I now have a blog.  Tsk.  Tsk.  Tsk.

Second, I don’t know how I’ll be able to pull 2 business deals through.  With all the company restructuring and other cost cutting initiatives, I simply do not have the same rope to work with in closing deals.  It’s like extracting a tooth out before anything gets approved.  Ouch!

Third, I learned that I need to tell a complainer client that his request for better terms had been disapproved.  Oh, I can imagine him now. My poor ears (sigh)!

Fourth, have you been to the Coffee Shop recently?

Last but not least, at school, it felt like my students were caffeined-up as well.  Dear Lord, were they all hyped up!  I think I’ve gotten them too engaged.  Or was I just cranky?

So, to calm and soothe my nerves, I went to the nearest reservation to my house.  A leisurely 20 to 30 minutes drive.  Camera in tow, I started clicking away.

Yes, when I want to escape reality for little while, I become an amateur than amateur photographer and poet. Thought I’d share some of my works ...

(one I posted in Sam's Ingredients For A Fulfilled Life page, where picture is mine, but prayer written by somebody else).

Incidentally, I will be getting back to my Fulfilled Life series once I am back at my elementMy mind is all blurry now.

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