Saturday, October 2

Should I?

After 3 months of blogging, I am still undecided.  Do I want to change my profile and, someone asked, reveal my gender?

Two reasons why I didn't and haven't:
  • Gender is a big part of my blog being.  It will reveal itself in time, if it hasn't still.  Isn't it obvious from my posts?
  • I want people to read my blog for its merits.  Because there is something in it that they can relate to and appreciate, not because it/I fit in nicely into one of the buckets.

My interest in blogging has branched out from writing to reading.  And since reading is way easier to do than writing, I find myself reading much more than writing (lazy and nosy me!)  As I read more and more blogs, it is clear that flocking is very much alive in blogworld.  Interesting. 

I'm not mad.  I'm not sad.  I'm just sayin'.  Interesting, really.


Anonymous said...

I had a feeling what your gender was when you talked with your ex, who is female. Of course, it doesn't say a lot but I have a good guess on your gender.

It is your choice if you want to reveal it clean cut or not. I still think that your blog is special. At least, you have drawn some people into reading your blog.

I don't say that your blog is into "one of the buckets". Everyone's blog is different in their own way. Just like everyone's writing style is different in some form, everyone's blog is unique.

Better Man said...

Sam, it is entirely up to on how much you reveal about yourself. I really enjoy reading your blog. If everyones blog was the same we would not read them. Speaking about your feelings and thoughts make your blog unique. There are times that I like to just read blogs than write one. Please keep writing blog, you never know, there might be someone out there that your blog inspires or even helps them, maybe even me. Keep up the good work.

SAM said...

Torchic and Better Man, HUH?!: A Note Of Thanks