Sunday, October 3

A Note Of Thanks

Dear T and BM,

Thank you for your words of support and encouragement! And yes, I will continue to blog.

I believe that everything happens for a reason; that nothing comes out of a vacuum. Although I started blogging just to vent – to express thoughts and feelings that I am unable to say out loud – somehow blogging has began to feel like a “calling”. As BM said, “… there might be someone out there that your blog inspires or even helps …”

I can’t say that it is my dream, as “dreaming” for me is like "winning the lotto", but the thought did cross my mind that my life is worthy of a book. I have a story to tell – a story of hope, faith, and victory. My life is a life of ironies and paradoxes. It is so twisted when gauged against conventional beliefs (religious or even scientific) that it is hard to believe (even I am amazed sometimes), how “well” I and my life turned out to be (knock on wood lest the rug be pulled out from under my feet after this!).

Please note though: my life had never been, still isn’t and I don’t expect it to be perfect. But that is the point. Despite my life’s lack and imperfections, despite the current professional and personal grayness in my life, at this very moment, I genuinely feel like I’ve lived a full life (not to say that there’s nothing for me to live for anymore). I feel like if I was money invested in the stock market just yesterday, whoever invested me already doubled the investment and more!

Another note, another point: if twisted me can feel fulfilled, everyone else can!

And this is why I will continue to blog. I am no writer. I do not have the skill or the discipline to be a real writer. My thoughts are all over the place (now you know why my blog title and header are what they are). Now, since I am writing-challenged and, thus, I am unable to write a book on life, I will do what it is I can do. I will do the next best thing (not to mean I am great at it either), which is to blog.

P.S. Just had a lightbulb. I will work on adding another page in my blog. A page that I will be updating every time I have a eureka. I will entitle the page: Sam’s Ingredients For A Fulfilled Life. I will cue you in, via an introductory post, when the page is added.

(I can see you both now saying, while shaking your heads and rolling your eyes: "Why couldn't we have just kept our mouths shut. We've created a monster!")


Better Man said...

You are very welcome. I look forward to reading Sam’s Ingredients For A Fulfilled Life.

Catz said...

I've just visited your page for the first time and I'm finding it pretty interestnig so I'm glad to see you decided to keep blogging! Looking forward to the next post.

SAM said...

Thank you, Catz!