Sunday, August 29

No Harm in Dreaming, Especially since Dreaming is Free

Had a near-perfect day yesterday. Everything happened as if on cue.

Twelve hours of sleep and slept in till noon time! Stood up to prepare a humble, but definitely satisfying lunch. Devoured lunch while surfing the web. After gulping down the last drop of delicious gourmet coffee, went straight to doing house chores. Believe me, when you’ve been wanting to do chores but can’t due to work or social obligations, actually doing chores can be ecstatic!

Laundered clothes while cleaning the bathroom and, later on, the kitchen. Got and folded my clothes while emailing and texting people from school. Got a text message that got me dressing up and driving to school in all of 15 minutes. While in school, left the papers that I painstakingly put together the whole day of last Saturday. Was back in my apartment in an hour. Fixed myself a snack. Watched TV while ironing clothes. And, just as soon as I stored away the ironing board, I felt it. Headache, no migraine. Impending migraine. Drank migraine medicine. Laid down. Massaged my head with menthol. Sniffed from a bottle of eucalyptus essence. And started dreaming.

What will I do if I win the lotto?

1. Not tell anyone!

2. Open a certificate of deposit in the amount that will earn me a monthly interest equivalent to my monthly net income now. I plan to live off/within this monthly interest. As for the rest of the greens …

3. Pay off all my debts;

4. Buy a two-bedroom, two bath unit in a newly constructed condo building;

5. Invest another million in treasury bills;

6. Invest a quarter of a million in stocks;

7. Renovate our ancestral home;

8. Make our two ancestral lots more saleable and then sell them;

9. Send my mom and her siblings to pilgrimage trips in the Middle East and Europe (heck, trips to anywhere in world!);

10. Build a senior-friendly compound in California for my mom, her siblings and their families;

11. Open a foundation; and live the rest of my life

12. Managing the foundation, teaching, exercising, traveling, painting and indulging in photography.

Ah, the pleasures of dreaming.  Dream on ...

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