Tuesday, August 31

A Pleasantly Manic Monday

I’ve heard of manic Mondays. But my Mondays? Mondays have always been THE day for me. It’s as if everybody swore to boycott Fridays and make up triple time on Mondays. By lunch time, I was wishing that I was a bubble, about to pop and disappear without a trace.

Still, I was plugging away at work emails when the phone rang:  "This is your reminder call."  Almost forgot, condo board association meeting at 7 pm!

Good thing I worked from home. A few seconds later, there I was, all bubbly; as if I had the best day in my entire life! And why not? Over budget discussions, one board member opened a bottle of Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon.  The wine was surprisingly, pleasantly strong!

Two hours later, partly because of the wine and partly because we were just crazy individuals, we wished each other a safe walk back to our apartments. And now, instead of going back to work emails, I am googling Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon.  And I am pleasantly finding out, aside from being pleasantly strong, it is pleasantly inexpensive!  And since I am still pleasantly tipsy, I will just turn this PC off and watch The Closer and, later (if I've not dozed off), Rizzoli & Isles.

I may not have won the lotto today, but it surely feels a little like it. Wish the feeling will stay even after I get sober and realize it's already Terrible Tuesday.

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