Friday, October 29

Live In The Moment to Make It Through

I went into the week with a heavy heart. I had too many “challenges” at work. But guess what? It’s Friday already! I made it through the week!

It wasn’t easy. I had to carry the heavy heart every day. But, I tried my best to focus on the moment, to focus on the work at hand. Mind over matter. One challenge at a time. One day at a time. And now, it’s Friday!

Which brings me back to Sam's Ingredients For A Fulfilled Life.

There is nothing wrong with dreaming. Dreaming is good. It’s good to look to the future; to look at a goal, an end state, to get the things that fill us. However, dreams are supposed to inspire us. They are supposed to drive us. They should not be a source of frustration and unhappiness. Dreams become a burden when we spend more time whining for them than working for them. We need to deal with the here and now to get to our dreams in the future.

Dealing with the here and now. Now, that is work. Hard work. Life throws us lemons and curved balls. Deciding whether to catch the lemons and turn them to lemonade or deciding whether to get hit or to dodge curved balls by moving to the right or to the left. Making decisions is work and acting on decisions even harder work. Regardless, making decisions require that we focus on the moment.

Now, how does one survive the moment? For sure, even the moment can bog us down and drown us. Well, the following work (notice, the word is “work” as there is effort involved) for me:
  • I think positive. I look at the glass as being half full and not half empty.
  • I ponder upon and take to heart the "Serenity Prayer". There are just some things I can’t control and that I just have to let go.  That no amount of anger, of sadness, of worry, of dwelling, etc. will correct and make the situation go away.  That the only thing I can do is look at the situation straight in the eye and take the beating if need be.
  • We need to take time out ... yes, a drop-everything-time out to smell the roses.
  • As a result of #2 above, I just have to believe.  Believe that this moment shall pass and that tomorrow, the future, shall come.
  • Part of believing is knowing that what I have to endure at the moment is necessary for me to get to the future. The moment is my investment towards a fulfilled life.  As it has been said, "Nothing beautiful ... (a fulfilled life in this case) ... comes easy."
Monday, then I was a 5 year old not wanting to work. Friday, now I am an adult looking forward to a restful, fun-filled weekend. Have a great weekend, everyone!


Olivia said...

" Believe that this moment shall pass and that tomorrow, the future, shall come"

Very true...

SAM said...

Yes, Olivia. We just need to believe. So, hang on! And, don't forget me once you become a billionaire :-)

And, thanks for visiting my blog.

Jenniflower said...

Your post rings so true to me Sam... being positive and having hope... makes all the difference in the world.

I hope your next week is better than your last.. I am sure mine will be ;)

Thank you for your encouragement on my blog... it's been such a trying time of late and writing about it helps no end, and to have your encouragement means loads xxx

SAM said...

You're most welcome Jenniflower! With hubby back, that's bound to make your week better :-)

Unfortunately, this week had not been better than last. Still, I know I will get a good week sometime.