Tips From The Idiot Box

Yes.  TV is not all that bad.  The idiot box can be a rich source of wisdom, if you know which shows to watch and, better yet, how to watch.  Here are some of the shows I follow and some of the things they've made me pause and think about *

DUCKY:  What is the difference between an ethical man and a moral man?  An ethical man knows he should not cheat on his wife.  The moral man actually doesn't.

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KIM:  Relationships, they fail.  That's reality.  But the idea that there's one person out there who's perfect for me, I'd like to be open to that possibility ..... Monogamy is a choice.  But it doesn't have to be a choice if there is no question ..... Relationships and commitment suck.  But for the right person, it is worth it.  Then, there is no question.

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GUEST:  You've got to be spontaneous every now and then.  This keeps the blood flowing.  Take life by the balls and show it who's boss.  Because before you know it, life has passed you by.

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GUEST:  Destiny is destiny.  People find people.

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(1)  NORA:  You do what is right for you.

(2)  KEVIN:  I am not angry.  I am in pain and you put me here.  The person who is suppose to love me.  I expected more from you.

NORA:  The thing about a good marriage is even if a terrible mistake happens, you just can't imagine your life with anyone else. That's why you commit to each other. That's why you make vows to each other. That through the good or the bad you'll just keep trying. You're fighting not only for love, you're fighting for something bigger than either one of you. You're fighting for the family you've become. You're fighting for the 'us' you've become. And that really is worth fighting for.

*This page will be constantly updated as new shows or screenlines strike a chord in me.  Definitely, more to come.