Saturday, July 17

Paranoia or Guilt?

Had a business lunch yesterday with a client. From out of the blue she asked these questions:

  • (as soon as she sits and settles down) "How's your boyfriend," my answer to which I don't remember. Honestly! She threw me off guard!
  • (in the middle of the agenda) "What's this? What's happening to the world? How come everybody is turning gay or lesbian?"
To which I choked a reply, "Why?" And she tells me the tale of a close friend who, in my client's words, "aggressively and explicitly expressed desire for me". Just then, my fork fell on the table; nearly shattering my plate to pieces.

So, tell me. Was I sending out I-am-that-way or I-like-you-signals (mind you, she's not my type)? Or does she like me?

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