Wednesday, July 21

Character: Just When You Thought You Have It, You Realize That You Don't

What is "character"?  Look it up and you'll find varying definitions.  I coined my own:  Character is being able to act nobly -- instinctively, consistently (if not always) -- under duress. 

I've prided myself thinking that I am ahead of the game.  That, despite my inherent orientation and emotional weaknesses, I've consciously worked at overcoming weaknesses and becoming the best person I can possibly be.  In fact, I believe that becoming the "best person", becoming Christlike, is man's purpose in life.  For it  is in this journey that we are able to do good to ourselves, others, the world.

But, as I said, it is a journey.  Just when I thought I got to my destination, I find out that I've not.  I squealed on somebody today.  Told an additional 2 persons of this man's poor leadership and people skills.  Of how he sold me out to save his ass.  And I did so believing that he had sold me out again.  Turned out he didn't (I think) this second time around.  And I did.

Now, I feel miserable and remorseful. Now,  I "owe" this sorry, pathetic guy.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... your definition of character is unique. I don't really agree with it because being a character is much more open, especially with the fact that everyone, every character is flawed. Being the best is difficult for anyone and working on being best is a task that feels impossible (especially that the very definition on being the best changes from person to person).

Regardless, good luck on your quest though.

I hope that I am not being too critical or anything like that.

SAM said...

No worries. Please feel free to share your thoughts. I've learned my best lessons from listening to people.