Monday, March 28

Is It?

It seems to me that there is a correlation between age and pride – false pride.  The older one gets, the greater the pride.

This first became apparent to me when I was in my adolescent years. I got into trouble for “pointing out” things to my elders. The “conversation” always ended with: “Going to a good school doesn’t mean you know more than your elders. That you are better than your elders. We have years of experience behind us. You’re just beginning your journey, while we’re on our way back. We deserve to be respected.”

Of course, such conversations provoked ill thoughts towards my elders. But such conversations also gave me the impression that, contrary to what they said, I am better than them. And, I am better than them because I am open-minded. I am open to mistakes, criticism and, thus, learning.

Now, the tables have turned. Now, I am the one on the defensive. I am the one feeling, “Who are you to tell me ….?” So, is it just part of the aging process? Is false pride part and parcel of growing old? Is it but natural?

Well, whether I am on the giving or receiving end of it, increasing false pride as one grows in years just doesn’t seem right. It feels like I am aging in reverse. Instead of pride, wisdom should accompany age.

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