Tuesday, March 1

You Can't Handle The Truth!

Peeps, before you exhaust yourself getting a thief, a liar, a cheat to admit to the truth, think about the following: Do you really think your thief, liar, cheat will actually admit to the truth?
  • Better yet, will you actually believe what your offender says?
  • Does it really matter?  If you are willing and ready to forget, why do you need to know the truth?  What good will the truth do?
  • More importantly, can you handle the truth? You sure that the truth will set you free or get you into another frenzy?

What triggered the reflection?  Friend No. 3 just added to my list of friends having marriage woesAnd all three simultaneously have the itch -- no, the obsession -- of having their husbands admit to having affairs.  Sorry, but I just have to ask:  What’s with that?!

And what gives me the right to exclaim such?  Experience.  I went down that path before and it didn’t get me anywhere.  Correction.  It did lead me to some things.  More frustration.  More bitterness.  Separation.

I’m beginning to think that if couples want to stay together, sometimes the road less travelled -- not knowing the truth or not wanting to know the truth –- is the way to go.

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