Saturday, February 12

Do You Get These, Too?

Ok. Today I got unnerved. I received two invoices for a subscription I supposedly made and issues I supposedly received. The letter goes:

"A few months ago, you requested for a subscription for World Extra. We sent our magazine to you on good faith and understanding that you would honor the invoice and pay promptly.

We’ve kept our part of the bargain, but so far we have not received your payment. We’re concerned. Is there some problem we don’t know about? If so, we would appreciate it if you would let us know so that we can do our best to correct it.

Otherwise, I must ask that you pay the enclosed invoice immediately. If we do not receive payment within 15 days, we will turn your account over to our Credit and Collection Department. A reply envelope is enclosed for your convenience."

There also is this charitable organization for handicap people. They send cards and calendars asking for a donation in return. First year, I sent them a check. Then came more cards and calendars. Two more years, I sent donations. Mind you, not big ones. Then I said to myself, “no more”. Guess what followed? An invoice for the cards and calendars! These ones though did not come with a letter as “nice” as the one above, so I just ignored the invoices.

Geeez! Unbelievable!


torchic44 said...

I hate those charities. It's like if they send you something that you have to pay them "in good faith". In my opinion, if they get nasty with you, send them a nasty letter with those cards and stuff back to them saying, "I don't want to be a part of this".

Well, that's what I would do.

SAM said...

:D Believe me, Torchic, I was so tempted to do just that. Good thing I was able to get a hold of myself. Sent them a letter asking for proof that I subscribed to their magazine and proof that I actually received issues. Have not heard from them so far. Hope I never will again.